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University of Alberta poker « Poker Practice Blog And University of Alberta researchers may have reached the pinnacle of poker bot achievements with their new creation dubbed “Cepheus.”This is especially the case when you consider that this machine has played over a billion poker hands – with stellar results too! Heads-up limit Texas hold 'em poker solved by University… Scientists at the University of Alberta have essentially solved heads-up limit hold 'em poker with an algorithm they hope will lead to advances in artificialPoker mimics real world challenges that involve uncertainty, but allows scientists to test their ideas in a safe way — without experimenting on people. University of Alberta World University Rankings | THE

Why Poker Is a Big Deal for Artificial Intelligence Playing poker involves dealing with imperfect information, which makes the game very complex, and more like many real-world situations. by Will ...

Apr 13, 2015 ... Does Cepheus have a poker face? Photo by Nikita Starichenko/Shutterstock. The University of Alberta made headlines earlier this year when ... Aaron's Poker Bot Resources -

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Artificial Intelligence and poker – Poker Magnet The Alberta team ‘trained’ this DeepStack neural net using thousands of poker situations, looking at not just the cards but the bets.

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Heads-up Limit Hold’em Poker is Solved by the University of Alberta’s Computer Poker Research Group. ... Read more about Cepheus . Going Deeper. Play Cepheus. CPRG - University of Alberta Welcome to the home page of the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group. We are working on creating computer programs that play poker better than any human being, as a testbed for doing good science. U of A GAMES Group Home Page - University of Alberta New Scientist, "The World's No.1 Science & Technology Magazine", has a feature article on the U of A Computer Poker Research Group in their 2003 year-end double issue (pages 64-68). (January 7, 2004) A commercial poker package has been released, featuring the AI developed by our Computer Poker Research Group.

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Scientists at the University of Alberta have essentially solved heads-up limit hold 'em poker with an algorithm they hope will lead to advances in artificial intelligence. Phil Laak vs Deepstack Poker AI - 50 biggest pots - Insane ... Recently researchers from the University of Alberta pitted their poker AI against 33 professional poker players, playing 45k hands in total and winning at a rate of 48 bb/100. Phil Laak played 3k ... University of Alberta Researchers Solve Heads-Up Fixed-Limit ... Under the headline "Heads-up limit hold'em poker is solved" in the magazine Science, a team of researchers from the University of Alberta in Edmonton report that their poker-playing artificial intelligence (AI) program, named Cepheus, has solved heads-up fixed-limit Texas hold'em.